Our company's payment policy

By cash on delivery, bank transfer or electronic payment, where you can access one of our following bank accounts:

  • Türkiye iş Bankası
  • Kuveyt Türk

When you complete the payment process, our specialized team will prepare and implement your request within 3 official working days. In the event that there is any problem or objection to the order due to poor manufacturing or poor shipping, your problem will be addressed immediately until the error is corrected and your request is submitted properly.

In the event of inconsistency between your requests and the quality of our product, or a defect occurs, your desire will be respected, our product will be returned and the money will be returned to you within 3 official working days.

Our company's receiving policy

Our specialized team delivers the orders to our valued customers as soon as the payment is completed and leaves the billing department to be transferred to the sales department and then prepare the order in terms of quantity, packaging and shipping method. The period of receipt of the shipment by the customer depends on the required quantity and the proximity or distance of the country or city to which it will be shipped, as the period ranges between 5-7 days as a maximum, taking into account the receipt of the order completely, correctly and satisfactorily for the customer 100%.

Important notice to our valued customers

When the order arrives and the customer receives it from the shipping company and in the presence of our company’s agent, please examine the order completely and check it in terms of the quality of the products, colors, measurements and additional features required, if any, and in proportion to the products purchased from the company’s official website.

Also, the order must be examined in terms of the safety of the products and the integrity of their packaging and the boxes placed in them from damage, tampering or alteration, with the customer’s ability to return the order with all comfort and confidence when feeling uncomfortable or unfair, in the presence of our company’s agent and confirming it with the received shipping records.