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About us

Our store specializes in handcrafts made with care and distinctive style.

We know that handcrafted products are of high quality, suitable for local culture, and are reasonably priced
All the products in the Suq Zain are from the ideas and designs of a lady who specializes in the field of design and handicrafts, so you will have a unique product that is not found anywhere else.

Our store contains a number of sections for easy addition and search:

  • Dedicated section for glassware
  • Dedicated section for wood crafts
  • A section dedicated to trays decorated with beautiful flowers
  • A section dedicated to pots used in planting flowers
  • Dedicated section for coloring on products made of gypsum
  • A section dedicated to decorating crockery
  • A section dedicated to decorating works made of burlap

We can modify any design we have in the store in the colors and shapes you want

The store was launched at the beginning of 2021 with a few products that soon became more and more developed with the passage of time.

The prices in our store are carefully studied to suit all groups of society and according to the local currencies. We can also export products to anywhere in the world with a change in the design and coloring of any product according to the customer's request.